The Latchkey Project

Using vintage dolls, spray paint, plaster and alcohol inks I've been working to capture the lost-in-place feeling of the 1970s latchkey kid generation.I make a plaster mold for each latchkey girl. I then use alcohol inks to add color. The girl is individual but trapped in limbo; her originally vibrant colors are now faded and blurred. I then take a macro-photograph “portrait” of each latchkey girl. This image can be used in collage, professionally printed directly onto glass,or on canvas via ink transfer. The larger photographic portraits capture a dreamy “lost” quality. Using hundreds of vintage keys as stencils I create geometric patterns directly onto the glass or canvas. Ultimately each latchkey girl is buried under layers of spray paint, plaster, glass and paper- but each retains her own individual characteristics.I am working towards one hundred plaster latchkey girls.